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At Guardian Art Gallery we believe in providing excellent customer service and comprehensive consultations in order to fully service our clients needs an ideas while maintaining the highest standard in the industry. Our artists are skilled in all types of tattooing styles and would love to make your ideas come to life.



Angel Caban / Artist

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The attraction I have for art is a true love story. Being born and raised in Brooklyn New York I was fully submerged and surrounded by creativity awaiting to find my own personal outlet. The butterflies began when I got my first comic book “The Amazing Spiderman” seeing all the vibrant colors dancing across each page with perfect line work in each and every web. I just couldn’t get enough. As I grew older my attraction grew even deeper through the beat of music and my love for drawing. Art truly became second nature and developed into my passion that I still carry today.

How did I start my tattoo career? Well, already having such a strong passion for art I decided to express my creativity through getting my first tattoo and that's it! After that I was HOOKED! I decided I wanted to become a tattoo artist and help people express their creativity through body art/tattooing. I loved every second of it, being able to put so many ideas into one creation that will be with someone for the rest of their lives always bring me back to the root of why I do what I do. Flash forward to 17 years and here I am. Throughout my experiences I have strived to become a well-rounded artiest studying all tattoo genres so I can relate and please all my customers. I put my heart and soul into everything I do and I hope you all enjoy my work as much loved creating it!


Ryan Miller Artist

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Being raised in Philadelphia, I have always had a strong influence to street art. I was introduced to graffiti when I was about 10 years old – and I became obsessed. I started drawing friends’ names in wild letters on their book bags and binders when I was in grade school. Later I began to paint at the train tracks that were right down the street from my house and made my way to the city on the trains to see all the ‘good’ graffiti and murals. 

My passion for art continued to grow. When I was 18 I got my first tattoo. I was so interested in the craft that I continued to hangout around the tattoo shops in Philly helping out any way they let me. I would get lists of materials and take the trains home to go paint all night and come back the next day to show them off to the tattooers. I actually ended up living at a tattoo shop for awhile. Eventually, I got my tattoo License in Philadelphia and landed my first Tattooing job here in Connecticut in 2013. I’ve been Tattooing in Connecticut for the last 6 years while doing regular guest spots in Philadelphia, Wilkes Barre, Brooklyn, Jersey City, and Denver. 

I paint new ‘Traditional’ style tattoo designs everyday that I love tattooing. However, I feel totally comfortable working with any style or idea. Thank you so much for you interest in my work – I’m blessed to be able to do what I love everyday!

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