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Emma Rainey

I’m Emma, lovely to meet you! If I had to pinpoint exact reasons why I love the arts, I’d have a hard time because it means so much to me in so many ways. I believe Artistic self-expression is truly something everyone has in them, whether it’s through physical art, writing, music, dance, or culinary. Personally, tattooing along with painting is my favorite form of art I can create. Tattooing had been a traditional sacred practice in many cultures, and while that’s still alive and well, the way it’s become modernized blows my mind. It used to be given as a right of passage, and now the ability to decorate your temple walls is within your reach. I find it very rad people come up with concepts that mean something to them, which end up coming to life on the skin. I love doing color tattoos. They’re funky and fun and add a splash of color into your wardrobe. Black & grey is a timeless choice as well as lettering is. I have my own style with my art. It’s a mix between beautiful things like flowers and then creepy monsters with some abstract ideas in between. It’s very heartwarming to see people’s reactions when they love the piece I’ve given them. I’m beyond thankful and thrilled to be a part of the Guardian Art Gallery team. I’m here to create stellar art with incredible people. Thank you for viewing my bio, and I hope you enjoy the tattoos I’ve done.

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